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Official Announcements Paid Access Model - Here's What You Get


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Free Access Model has been based on "Work your way up" principle when is comes to accessing content on this forum is concerned. As you post more, forums start opening up for access. So much so for the Free Access Model, which has been detailed separately. Now, onto Paid Access Model.

Paid Access Model:

However, not everyone would want to post and interact but would want to go through the content, soak all the information. Reasons for not posting introduction or interacting could be many, but that's a personal choice. Paid Access Model is for such users, and even others who would want to log their progress, and here's what it gets you:
  1. You get access to everything right from the word go. Yes, even Introduction is optional. So, no restrictions on having a given number of posts to access content in a given forum.

  2. Provision to go through your last 30 days browsing history from anywhere any device as long as you can access this site. This is stored in database and is independent of browsing history on browser which includes every site that you visited. After sometime, even cleaning of browsing history in browsers is a must so you lose everything. Not here! Your 30 day browsing History on this site is preserved in database, and you can view them all.

  3. Provision to Bookmark any thread, any post so that you can go through them at leisure when you have time. You can store up to 100 bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in database and not on your browser, so accessible from anywhere, any machine, any browser, anytime. No headache of restoring bookmarks on browser crash, OS reinstall and other such situations where data loss happens.

  4. Access to on site dLife DataLog that has six data logging components:

    Home Testing Blood sugar, macro (C/P/F/Sugar/Fiber) & BP and computed calorie based on Macro details entered.
    Lab Diabetes Panel (FBS/PPBS/RBS/A1C/Fasting Insulin/PP Insulin/Fasting C-Peptide/PP C-Peptide)
    Liver Function Test report
    Kidney Function Test report
    LIPIDS Panel
    Energy Expenditure through Activity logging & Weight Tracking. Would interest diabetics who have adopted exercise as a part of their lifestyle.

    So you can log all your reports, track progress, and the data is only visible to you and no one else, not even moderators and admin of the site on any front end section of the site. You have provision of fixing any data entry errors for 48 hrs after the data is created. After 48 hrs, no more edits would be allowed as this data would, in future, be used for generating statistical reports.

  5. A dedicated Q&A Forum only for subscribing members, where you can ask questions, Up/Down Vote on answers and Select the Best Answer to your question. Only mentors/moderators will be replying in this sections.

  6. A Dedicated Meal Plans forum only for subscribing members. So, would help you kickstart your LCHF/Keto journey without even hunting and requesting for meals or having to post anything to be able to access the general meals forums. Most of them will have computed macro details also.
Meanwhile here's the TOS for Paid Access Model : Paid Access Model

Going Live: Latest by Jan 3rd, 2018.
Stay tuned!
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