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  1. A

    Health Home Made Coconut Oil Vs Vco

    VCO is the best oil for those on any low-carb lifestyle. While there are good brands available, can it also be made at home? It may take 8-10 medium sized to get one litre of oil. So cost can come around Rs 200 plus your effort :) Here is one method where heating was not done: In this...
  2. geo

    General Can This Oil Be Termed Vco

    Heard from a family friend that there is a shop in Pune which takes oil out from dry coconut. The Shop is near Mandai. Shop name is "Ramkrishna Oil mill" There is another shop in Kothrud area, may of same person which sell coconut oil from wooden churn. Website:Coconut Oil – Wooden Churner...
  3. A

    The "best Diabetic Supplements, Strips, Meters At Best Prices" Thread

    Often we buy some supplements or test strips at best prices. This is the thread to accumulate such buying experiences. Please post anything that you bough for LCHF/diabetes etc here. Also post website or store along with prices (y) -------------------- In Vit B 12 thread, @amitc23 made a good...
  4. M


    I could not get VCO at any of the reputed Super Markets in Hyderabad. Can anyone get me the contact numbers in Hyderabad where I can get VCO?
  5. shilpi

    Type 2 Hi Friends, Feels Great To Be Here

    Hello everyone, I have been fortunate to just tumble on this site. since last 3 days I am making most of it trying to read most of the forums I would like to appreciate all the good work by each and every contributing member, I am taking baby steps towards my LCHF DIET tried first time today...
  6. Anup Singh

    Coconut Sugar -- Has Anyone Tried It?

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/diet/Coconut-sugar-is-a-healthier-sweetener/articleshow/46077578.cms Has anyone tried this. I am looking at various recipes that goes to making Low Carb Gluten Free breads and I find few of them mention Coconut Sugar. In due course...
  7. Meena

    Rubco Virgin Coconut Oil

    During our kerala visit, we chanced upon the VCO by RUBCO. RUBCO being a cooperative is quite famoue in the state. If I am not wrong, they are the first team to come up with VCO for sale in Kerala. The techbology is cold pressing... Their 2 kg can comes for: RS: 350/- Pls read here...