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  1. geo

    "sugar Free" - Stevia

    Few days ago saw an advertisement on TV Sanjeev Kapoor endorsing "Sugar free" Stevia. Has anyone tried this? Zydus Wellness launches herbal variant of Sugar Free
  2. AbhishekAgarwal

    Sweetherb Stevia

    Got mail from Sweetherb guys yesterday. They are offering 20ML Stevia liquid at Rs 160. (I am attaching both files) What is stevia? Stevia is cultivated in many countries, but China is the leading exporter of stevia products currently. Stevia provides an important role in biodiversity due...
  3. A

    Health Stevia: Its History, Uses And Benefits - Selfhacked.com

    Selfhacked.com is an amazing site with references: Stevia - Selfhacked Stevia Stevia is a naturally occurring low-calorie sweetener. Stevia can be helpful for hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver and weight loss. Introduction Stevia was originally called Eupatorium rebaudiana bertoni in...
  4. geo

    My Lchf Shopping Today

    Went to shop for Stevia, ended up buying few more things. Brazilian Avacados..yes!!! i found them...I touched them!!!! and selected them !!!they are much bigger than I had before....the ones i had were of the size of chikoo. Kodai Feta cheese....never tried it before..It is a product "made in...
  5. A

    The "best Diabetic Supplements, Strips, Meters At Best Prices" Thread

    Often we buy some supplements or test strips at best prices. This is the thread to accumulate such buying experiences. Please post anything that you bough for LCHF/diabetes etc here. Also post website or store along with prices (y) -------------------- In Vit B 12 thread, @amitc23 made a good...