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  1. Prabhuraman

    Type 2 Today Travelling Experience

    Today i stared one day business travel three different place Fbs 100 at 6am Morning bulletproof coffee with milk and 20grams butter Breakfast one idly Coffee with butter 30grams Start traveling by bus At 11am one tea At 1.30 50grams peanut At 3.00pm one coffee Reached home at 7.00 pm Bs is...
  2. M

    Type 1 Bloodsugar & Arties Blokage

    I'm Mahesh Joban. Am 64 yrs old, my weight is 67 kgs(maintained steady since 20yrs with +/-1kgs), diabetic since 41 years, On insulin(actrapid 10 units before BF, 10 units before Lunch & 8 units before Dinner and 14units of Insulin Lentus(glargin) before bedtime. I consume Coconut oil with Tea...