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magnesium supplement

  1. Anup Singh

    Mg Citrate Powder From Two Suppliers

    Tried first lot from Now and the second one is from Zenith Now: It used to dissolve to give a clear glass of water. However, towards the end, it used to lump and not dissolve without a lot of efforts. Zenith: Never gives a clear water state. Always something that settles after a while. Zenith...
  2. A

    The "best Diabetic Supplements, Strips, Meters At Best Prices" Thread

    Often we buy some supplements or test strips at best prices. This is the thread to accumulate such buying experiences. Please post anything that you bough for LCHF/diabetes etc here. Also post website or store along with prices (y) -------------------- In Vit B 12 thread, @amitc23 made a good...