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low carb high fat

  1. elle jay

    Lchf And Mainstream Media

    To all the naysayers in my life i say - just wait for 10 years , diet and nutrition as we know it will turn on its head - and for the better. But it seems like we will get there even before that. The " wind of change " has started blowing in earnest. Just recently i came across three separate...
  2. shashikantiyengar

    Health Top 10 Tips For Getting Back On Track With Your Low Carb Diet

    Top 10 Tips for Getting Back On Track With Your Low Carb Diet --- Post Auto Merged --- We all falter sometimes. If you want to get back on track with your healthy low carb or keto diet, keep reading. The best tips from the low carb experts! Okay, so you fell off the wagon with a resounding...
  3. shashikantiyengar

    Low Carb Breckenridge 2017

    Low Carb Breckenridge 2017 --- Post Auto Merged --- Low Carb Breckenridge 2017 Following on from the great Low Carb Vail 2016 meeting, Dr Jeff Gerber (Denver’s Diet Doctor) and Dr Rod Tayler (Low Carb Down Under) are organising a Low Carb conference in Breckenridge. Colorado. Note Provisional...
  4. shashikantiyengar

    How To Eat Low-carb When Dining Out

    Reference : How to Eat Low-Carb When Dining Out --- Post Auto Merged --- This post first appeared as a guest blog on DietDoctor.com, a terrific LCHF website. But whether you eat LCHF, Paleo, or are just trying to eat more real food and less processed stuff, this post should help you stay on...
  5. Ameer Aslam

    Type 2 One Month On Lchf - Fbs 193 Went Down To 116

    Here are my numbers before On 19/08/2014 FBS 120 HbA1c 6.7 On 13/04/2015 FBS 197 On 05/08/2015 FBS 193 On 12/10/2015 FBS 191 I started the LCHF diet from 25/11/2015 On 16/12/2015 FBS 116 PPBS 96 HbA1c...
  6. C

    Is Anyone Aware Of Any Doctor In India Advicing Lchf?

    Hi, Would like to know if any of the members aware of any doctor in India advicing LCHF diet?If yes, kindly share his contact details,if available.Thanx!
  7. AshB

    Type 2 Lchf Diet Works For Me

    Hello AnupJi I joined this forum in march 2015 as a Gujarati Vegetarian wanting to try LCHF to control my Type 2 Diabetes treated with Metformin and Januvia .I am really pleased with my blood reports after 3 months and using dietary ideas from this forum my Blood Results are as follows 30 July...
  8. Vkkan

    Type 2 Medfree Lchf Life Journey

    Hi All, Its been wonderful weekend yes, I had follow up check up scheduled on 30th May 2015. I have started LCHF on May 19th 2015. On Friday my laptop has poured into rain water do that's why late update. Lost 3kg :) Thought of not taking med and check bs , so no med from 30th Woke up had...
  9. Anup Singh

    So They Also Started A Lchf Community

    So, HU (Health Unlocked) also started a LCHF community. :D :D आज कई ADA महानुभवों के छाती पर सांप लोटेगा Too late for them now.
  10. Appachen

    Type 2 My Latest Lab Reports After Following Lchf Diet For 8 Months:

    4)The following are the finding of my latest results of my lab test: In brackets are the previous results. All figures are in appropriate units) FBS 155 (142) PPBS 152 (162) HBA,C 5.5 (7.5) CREATIEN 1.1 (1.0)...
  11. Shaheena Naqshbandi

    Lchf Diet Works For Me

    It is been from different site ' diabetes India' that I know few members here like medifree . Someone mentioned about d life and I joined it. I tested myself with several methods and settled down to LCHF. Life is still struggle specially when I socialise but nevertheless it still is on fairer...
  12. DLIFE

    Official Announcements Please Share Your Success With Low Carb High Fat - L C H F - Diet

    If you have been living by the LCHF diet and have benefited, please do share your success story in the following forum: http://www.forums.dlife.in/forums/my-success-story-on-lchf.6/ It will help to motivate new comers to consider LCHF as an option for Self Managing diabetes. If you haven't yet...
  13. T

    Type 2 Success As Lchf Beginner

    As diabetic i am on oral medicine since 2004.My hba1c was always around 7.So I was put on insulin from last 2 years and still was not much improvement in hba1c. Three years back I bought book of Dr Richard Bernstein( Diabetes solution) and for the first time I got to know what diabetes is,What...
  14. Anup Singh

    Dietitians And Lchf

    I had to take my wife to a dentist. Great facility and good owner (dentist) with a team of dentists and needless to say comparatively expensive too. First visit, was a great one to one session and the doctor who owns the place (a G+3 setup) was the one doing the checks. At the reception I saw on...
  15. shurya

    Type 2 Lchf Dropped My A1c Level

    Four months back, when the doctor stamped me type 2 diabetic, my a1c level was 11.9 After on diamicron initially, gradually reduced and totally stopped the drug after 32 days - thanks to medfree for advising lchf diet. Last week I checked my a1c level to be 6.8, lipid profile indicated no bulge...
  16. M

    Type 2 A Case Of My Success On Low Carb High Fat Diet

    Here is a chart for my BS (Fasting and PP). On Sept 5th night, I switched to LCHF based on recommendations from some friends on www.**************.com forum. I have been a diabetic for 30+ years progressed from oral medications to insulin dependent. After taking suggestions from forum members, I...
  17. A

    Type 2 Atma's Lchf Success Story

    On 01/07/13 my s.cholesteroal=280; S.H.D.L=59; S.Triglycerides 106; SVLDL 21;S.L.D.L-200 ; Fasting 170 or PP=270. With heavy loaded rotti and no oil no salt diet(use artificial salt). This time I had all types of problem like high BP,enormous hunger,constipation,gas,eye,heart papitation, buring...
  18. N

    Type 2 Lchf Starters Guide

  19. sugarfree

    Type 2 My Story With Lchf

    When i was diagnosed July 2014 i was given two options by known Doc 1. to take insulin ? yes it was a shocked 2 Wait for 3 Months and keep HB1Ac down to 6.5 If i kept my High Carb Low Fat which i kept doing for a week that time i Remember Fasting was 150 PPBS was 220 the diet was 3 Roti in...