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lchf benefit

  1. D

    Type 2 Hi ! I am DYK.46 yr.

    Type 2 for 12 yrs. April 17 A1c was 10.8.started excercise and diet from may 17.Tested A1 C in last week of sept.it was 6.4.Now trying to reduce it without medicine to 5.7.Trying to follow LCHF with excercise. Difficult to decide on low carb indian diet and contro all carb within 100 grams.pl...
  2. suryakaizen

    Type 2 Lakshmi Raman

    Hello! I’m Lakshmi Raman from Bangalore. I joined the forum last year on account of my daughter who was diagnosed with breast cancer and diabetes at the same time. I learnt about the LCHF diet on which she lost some weight and her Hbaic came down from 10.6 to 6.4. Now one year down the line, I...
  3. Rama Subrahmanyam

    Type 2 Lchf Diet

    Dear All Firstly, it's wonderful to see this site and would like know the LCHF Diet to control my Diabetes levels Thanks Rama Subrahmanyam