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  1. A

    General Mumbai Food: Restaurants Now Offer Dishes That Cater To Keto Diet

    Mumbai Food: Restaurants now offer dishes that cater to keto diet Quite a change...restaurants and meal services now start catering to LCHF/Keto. Also, read the nutritionist at the end and her "knowledge" of LCHF/keto :noidea: Wonder what happened to @Pragya 's initiative...hope she is doing...
  2. elle jay

    General Nasa Mission Tests Ketogenic Diet Undersea, Simulating Life On Mars

    source : https://phys.org/news/2017-06-nasa-mission-ketogenic-diet-undersea.html NASA mission tests ketogenic diet undersea, simulating life on Mars June 9, 2017 Dr. Dominic D'Agostino in his laboratory at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Credit: Tina Meketa University of...
  3. shashikantiyengar

    Health Jeff Cyr On Normal Bs Levels

    I will first state this for those that don`t know me. I am a T2 diabetic, diagnosed back in April of 2005 with a fasting blood glucose (FBG) of 300 mg/dl (16.67 mmol ), also with a HBA1C of 12.0. I used to take 2 different oral diabetes meds. I was told that T2 diabetes was a progressive...
  4. shashikantiyengar

    More On Keto By Jeff Cyr