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  1. R

    Type 2 Borderline Diabetes And Overweight

    I am 48 years and overweight. Have been taking drugs for nearly a decade for Hypertension (Olmat H 20 and Ecospirin 75) and Cholesterol (Rozavel F5 5 mg). Early Dec I did a GTT with 75g Glucose with following results: fasting 77.6, 1-Hour 210, 2-Hour 202 Fasting Insulin - 36.5. Thyroid profile...
  2. Bhaskaran R Pillai

    What Is Blood Pressure All About

    Ever Wanted to Know What Blood Pressure is All About? If you’ve ever visited a doctor, they probably took your blood pressure as part of a host of tests they did. But what does it actually mean when they talk about blood pressure? . Read More...
  3. H

    Type 2 43 Yrs. Old Type 2 Diabitic For 14 Years

    I am type 2 diabetic for last 14 years, I am 43 years old. I also have BP problem. My parents are also diabetic.To control my diabetes & BP I take following medicines :- Breakfast : Humalog Insulin 50 Mix 35 Units,Metformin 500mg Lunch : Humalog Insulin 50 Mix 10 Units Dinner ...
  4. Vkkan

    Type 2 Medfree Lchf Life Journey

    Hi All, Its been wonderful weekend yes, I had follow up check up scheduled on 30th May 2015. I have started LCHF on May 19th 2015. On Friday my laptop has poured into rain water do that's why late update. Lost 3kg :) Thought of not taking med and check bs , so no med from 30th Woke up had...
  5. R

    Xiaomi Unveils Smartphone Dock That Monitor Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

    Xiaomi on Wednesday launched a smartphone dock which will work as a health station for monitoring blood pressure and heart rate. The Next Web reports that the smartphone dock will go on sale in China exclusively via Xiaomi's official site at CNY 199 (rough Rs. 2,000)...