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  1. A

    Type 2 Parents Diabetic

    I am Anurag from Bangalore, India. My parents are diabetic and have been on insulin since I can remember. Now that I am in my 30s I want to keep a close tab on my blood sugar. Recently I have started experiencing symptoms of diabetes like thirst, frequent urination etc. I got a test done...
  2. shashikantiyengar

    Health Hba1c Update September 2016: I Finally Figured It Out!

    HbA1c Update September 2016: I finally figured it out! - The BJJ Caveman
  3. S

    Type 2 Hello Everyone

    Dear all This is Srividhya here. Current hba1c is 6 . It had touched 6.9 but I went on a regular exerccise and diet and it has now reached 6 . I do not take any medicines. I am looking to shift to Low carb High fat diet in order to reduce my weight I have problems with vit b12 and d3. I...
  4. elle jay

    Type 2 From I Can't Have That , To , I Choose To Not Have That

    This is my story.... In June 2015 I was forced to seek medical help by a back pain that had become too severe to ignore. Although I had been feeling vaguely unwell for some time , I preferred to hide behind excuses and lived in denial. The trip to the doctor was an eye opener ( and jaw...
  5. shashikantiyengar

    Health Noakes: Doctors, Dietitians Make Diabetes A Threat To Life?

    The Low Carb Diabetic: NOAKES: DOCTORS, DIETITIANS MAKE DIABETES A THREAT TO LIFE? --- Post Auto Merged --- Excerpts The solution in my mind is that we need to give dietary advice to persons with diabetes, T2DM especially, based on our understanding of the underlying patho-physiology of the...
  6. T.N. Yadav

    Type 2 My Hba1c Comes Down To 5.7 From 11.7 Within 3.5 Month

    Hello Friends , I am very happy to inform you that my HbA1c comes down to 5.7. It was 11.7 on 03-10-2015. According to my 3.5 month friendship with diabetes, it's result of switching on LCHF diet. Thanks to @anupsingh and all who emphasizes to switch on LCHF.