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  1. S

    Glucometers & Strips Differences In Glucometers

    I am in the very starting stages of learning low carb. Like any new person, I am worried about hypoglycaemia. We used 4 glucometers so far and each one is atleast plus or minus 20 from the other one. There was variation of 50 sometimes. Doctor suggested us to follow any one constantly. When we...
  2. MRA13

    Alereg1 Glucometer And Strips

    Hi On seeing a promotional ad for AlereG1 glucometer & 25 strips for around Rs. 750/ and 100 strips for Rs. 810/ including handling, I ordered it. I cross checked my blood glucose readings with OneTouch Select Simple and the readings were very close to each other with just a variation of 2...
  3. shashikantiyengar

    Health Fda Finalizes New Guidelines For Better Glucose Meter Accuracy

    FDA Finalizes New Guidelines for Better Glucose Meter Accuracy --- Post Auto Merged --- An excerpt The New Rules Say... As noted, there are two sets of rules for two classes of meters -- those designed for clinical settings and those designed for personal use. For each, the accuracy standards...
  4. A

    The "best Diabetic Supplements, Strips, Meters At Best Prices" Thread

    Often we buy some supplements or test strips at best prices. This is the thread to accumulate such buying experiences. Please post anything that you bough for LCHF/diabetes etc here. Also post website or store along with prices (y) -------------------- In Vit B 12 thread, @amitc23 made a good...