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  1. elle jay

    The Five Stages Of Fasting

    The Five Stages of Fasting – Dr. Nikolayev [Russian Case Studies]
  2. elle jay

    The Crux Of Intermittent Fasting

    The crux of intermittent fasting "The body’s response to intermittent fasting is entirely dependent upon the state of one’s metabolism, and everything about it hinges on the physiology of nutritional ketosis. "
  3. elle jay

    No Food For 10 Days

    No food for 10 days - UAE hospital introduces extreme starvation diet | The National
  4. A

    Health How Fasting Affects Your Physiology And Hormones - Jason Fung

    How Fasting Affects Your Physiology and Hormones - Diet Doctor Excerpts: Periods of low food availability have always been a part of human history and mechanisms have evolved to adapt to this fact of Paleolithic life. The transition from the fed state to the fasted state occurs in several...
  5. Ramgopal

    Ashadhi Ekadahsi

    Ashadhi Ekadashi Today is Ashadhi Ekadashi. This is an auspicious day of God Shri.Vitthal and is a festival of religious procession which is celebrated during the month of June-July.As per the Marathi calendar, it is Aashadh Shukla Paksha. People consider the two eleventh days, 'Ekadashi',of...
  6. Ashok Sharma

    Type 2 Fasting And Results

    Well. I was on 36 hours fast again. The results are amazing. Last Sunday, I ended up having a family lunch and all bad food that I should not have. So I decided that I will have a 36 hour fast to get back on track. So Monday morning my FBS was 105 and after entire day fast my PPBS came to 87 ...