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  1. shashikantiyengar

    Zdoggmd Interview With Daveketo Discussing #thecholesterolcode

    @ZDoggMD interview with @DaveKeto discussing #TheCholesterolCode ZDoggMD A must watch for all
  2. A

    The High-cholesterol Paradox

    Credible Evidence: The High-Cholesterol Paradox - Wainwright PDF: http://www.lizscript.co.uk/glyn/paradox.pdf "Being told you have ‘high cholesterol’ is commonly taken as a sign of an unhealthy destiny. Research suggests that for many elderly people the news that they have ‘high cholesterol’...
  3. A

    Health There Is No Such Thing As Bad Cholesterol

    Found a good detailed blog: Credible Evidence Posting an article from there: Credible Evidence: There Is No Such Thing As Bad Cholesterol Perhaps one of the biggest health myths propagated in western culture and certainly in the United States, is the correlation between elevated cholesterol...
  4. Jugnu M Shah

    Information The U.s. Government Is Poised To Withdraw Longstanding Warnings About Cholesterol

    The U.S. government is poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol
  5. elle jay

    Insulin Resistance Not Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease - Jeffry Gerber, Md

    Summary as provided by denversdietdoctor.com Mike Mutzel from High Intensity Health visited our office for a chat. Here is a summary of our conversation: After nearly 11 years of consulting in the functional medicine space, doctors still ask me (Mike) how to lower cholesterol. “What...
  6. shashikantiyengar

    Health Is Cholesterol Bad? Cholesterol Explained In 500 Words

    Is Cholesterol Bad? Cholesterol Explained in 500 Words An excerpt LDL cholesterol is not created equal. Dense, small, heavy LDL particles are correlated to an increased risk of heart disease. Large fluffy LDL particles are not. Consuming cholesterol-rich foods like eggs and butter raises the...
  7. R

    Type 2 Borderline Diabetes And Overweight

    I am 48 years and overweight. Have been taking drugs for nearly a decade for Hypertension (Olmat H 20 and Ecospirin 75) and Cholesterol (Rozavel F5 5 mg). Early Dec I did a GTT with 75g Glucose with following results: fasting 77.6, 1-Hour 210, 2-Hour 202 Fasting Insulin - 36.5. Thyroid profile...
  8. AbhishekAgarwal

    Diabetes, Cholesterol, Bp: Normal Is No Longer Normal

    Just found this article, so sharing. I guess you must have read it. It needs debunking. Diabetes, Cholesterol, BP: Normal is no longer normal Pre-diabetes On 10 June 2014 there were global headlines about a ‘condition’ called pre-diabetes. From the Mail telling us that “A third of adults...
  9. shashikantiyengar

    Health "treat” Cholesterol, Exorcise The Bogeyman

    "Treat" cholesterol, exorcise the bogeyman | Dr. William Davis --- Post Auto Merged --- “Treat” cholesterol, exorcise the bogeyman By Dr. Davis | August 22, 2016 Cholesterol panels are a source of constant confusion for many people. And most doctors are no help, having been brainwashed by...
  10. shashikantiyengar

    Health Statin Scam And The Cholesterol Myth: Know The Truth

    Statin Scam and the Cholesterol Myth: Know the Truth
  11. shashikantiyengar

    The Truth About Cholesterol - And Ldl And Hdl

    --- Post Auto Merged ---
  12. S

    Type 2 Type 2 : 12 Plus Years ,

    Hi folks , I am a 49 year old diabetic , HBA1c from 11.5 , to now 8.3 .Looking forward to interact and perhaps seek solutions . I have started cycling every day i addition to starting my baby steps in LCHF , the very idea of High Fat seems to be horrifying for a person constantly reminded all...
  13. A

    Type 2 My Blood Glucose And Lipid Profile

    My blood glucose report at Lab on 9/8/15 FBS @ 7 AM by glucometer at home - 106 FBS @ 9 AM @ Lab - 75 PPBS @ 11:30 AM @ Lab - 125 ( without medication 2 hrs. after food) Lipid profille Cholesterol - 189 ( 195 ) Triglycerides - 149 ( 161 ) HDL - 70 ( 70 ) LDL - 89 ( 92 ) VLDL - 30 ( 32 ) I...
  14. Anil Handa

    Type 2 Dumped Statins And Metformin

    Dumped STATINS 5 mths ago. METFORMIN 12 days ago. Metformin was missed during travel 15th,16,17,July. Was abroad and now come back. I can control my diet now. Need advice from your experience. While I was in the US...... Anup ji, had suggested to up my Fats and Proteins as I started loosing...