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First Post On Forum. What Should It Contain?

Time for your Intro post? Check what it should contain.

Now that you have signed up, it's time to post your first post. Since most of the other forums are locked out till you post your first post in the Introduce Yourself, please begin by posting about yourself.

In case you need help on how to create a new thread or post replies, please take a look at the following thread in the FAQ section:

How Do I Post A New Thread And Reply To A Thread

Your Intro post should contain following details:

  • Your diabetes type and history
  • Your current diet
  • Your medical details which should include A1C, PPBS, FBS, LIPIDS, LFT, KFT, Thyroid and any other reports that you have. For all the tests that a diabetic can take, please refer to following Thread:
    Essential Tests For Diabetics
  • Current drugs and dose
  • Current herbs and dose
  • Do you test blood glucose at home. If yes, what's the frequency?

Any other information that you deem fit to disclose.

The above will help members here to help you without going into the need of requesting for missing information over and over again. In case you do not have certain data of medical reports, no need to report all requested information. Report whatever you have tested for.
  • Published
    Sep 23, 2016
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