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Navigating Around dLife.in - Please Check This

Please go through this before you begin with your first post and start interacting with others. This will give you an overview of navigating through this board as the information is posted in different forums, and content keeps growing on daily basis. We shall keep updating this page from time to time as and when needed.

Switching To LCHF - A How To

Please go though the following post in great detail to understand everything about LCHF and how to switch

Switching To Low Carb High Fat Diet - How To?

Introducing Yourself

So that all other uses can know more about you and how you manage your diabetes, you can start with a post in the following Forum:

Introduce Yourself

Following information can be added to your Introduction post:

1. Drugs that you take to manage your diabetes.
2. Your Last A1C, FBS, PPBS, LIPIDS etc. Whether you test sugar levels at home.
3. Your current diet. A day's typical meal would suffice.
4. Exercise(s) opted for.
5. Supplements being taken (if any).

FAQ on Using Forum Features

Please refer the following Forum for help on different features of the forum:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

LCHF : Where & How To Begin With LCHF

You will need to understand what is LCHF before you start "Self Managing" diabetes. Please check on posts available at following link:

Self Management

Over the years, we have been told that FAT is bad. However, there have been lot of studies to prove that it is not. Lot of these are posted in the following section of this board on FAT and that it is not bad for health, as long as you restrict CARBS. Majority of the posts are in the following forum of this board, and this includes resources to get you started with LCHF diet.

LCHF, Nutrition And Other Resources

Since lot of information gets posted you can also use the search feature (both usual and advanced search) to get to relevant content. For example, following links will show posts containing the search word(s).


Search word is case insensitive. You can even search in a given forum only through advanced search.

Diabetes News & Research

All latest news and research is posted in the following forum and this also has research on LCHF - Low Carb High Fat - Diet for managing diabetes. This may also have content which may not be related directly to diabetes:

Diabetes News & Research

Meals As Posted by Users

Many diabetics on LCHF keep posting their meals, many a times with PPBS values, from time to time. This should also help you to pick up any, modify to suit your style of cooking and taste, test readings and then adjust the portion size. You can also post your LCHF meals, so that others can benefit too. The LCHF Meals section is organized into four forums:

Breakfast :: Lunch : : Dinner :: Snacks

Keep Coming Back

This is a peer to peer support community. As you change to LCHF lifestyle and benefit from it, please do keep coming back to participate with you experience and also help others here. You can also interact with other users on any post that is of interest to you or you may have a query on. You can also post a new discussion thread in any forum.

For Everything Else

For everything else, we have a separate forum

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