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    If you are new here, please take time to READ THIS and then signup for account. Please make sure you check your SPAM folder for email validation mail. Also white-list @dlife.in in your mail client.

Account Signup, First Post & Navigating Around

Please go through this before and after signing up for account as first thing. Contains self help on Account Signup, Posting First Post & Navigating Around the forum.
Always use the Advanced Search as it is quite possible that your query is already answered.


Account Signup

1. All mails will be going from *@dlife.in. Many a times mails could land in SPAM folder of your mail client. To avoid this, kindly white list *@dlife.in in your mail client.

2. You will need to validate your email once you signup before the account is active. The validation process is noted in the email that you would get upon completion of signup. Check your SPAM folder if the validation mail has landed there and mark it as NOT SPAM. Then open the mail (which will now be in Inbox after you marked it as Not Spam) and follow the instructions to validate your email address.

3. Once your account is activated upon confirmation of email, you are ready to post. Best starting point would be a brief introduction about yourself, your diabetes history, and how you have been managing diabetes so far. This is to be done by creating your own thread in Introduce Yourself forum.

4. You can also reply to any thread that is there and you feel you can be of help. We learn from each other in order to manage diabetes on our own. There can be no substitute for personal experience.

If Account Not Active Despite Email Validation

In certain cases it can happen that account is not activated despite having validated the email. This can happen if your signup triggered one of the Spam Traps in system, which automatically puts your account in moderation queue. Our staff will from time to time take each one of them individually and once processed you will get a notification. So stay tuned to your email account that you used for signup.

We aren't going to reveal how the Spam Traps operate, as it would defeat the very purpose of setting them up.

If any of our Moderators are online, they would immediately be notified on-screen and they would act on the same in a short while.

Signup Through Facebook And Google

If you are signing up using your Facebook or Google Account then please note following:

1. You will need to complete your profile details on dlife.in and complete the registration process.

2. You will still need to white-list our domain -- *@dlife.in -- in your mail client so that notifications and messages do not land in SPAM folder of your mail account.

Policies & Terms:

Please go through the following in order to understand how the Moderators and Admins will be managing the board:

Terms &Rules  ::  Signature Use Policy  ::  Anti Spam Policy  ::  Advertising  ::  Disclaimer  ::  Cookie Usage


Now that you have signed up, it's time to post your first post. Since most of the other forums are locked out till you post your first post in the Introduce Yourself, please begin by posting about yourself.

In case you need help on how to create a new thread or post replies, please take a look at the following thread in the FAQ section:

How Do I Post A New Thread And Reply To A Thread

Your Intro post should contain following details:

  • Your diabetes type and history
  • Your current diet
  • Your medical details which should include A1C, PPBS, FBS, LIPIDS, LFT, KFT, Thyroid and any other reports that you have. For all the tests that a diabetic can take, please refer to following Thread:
    Essential Tests For Diabetics
  • Current drugs and dose
  • Current herbs and dose
  • Do you test blood glucose at home. If yes, what's the frequency?

Any other information that you deem fit to disclose.

The above will help members here to help you without going into the need of requesting for missing information over and over again. In case you do not have certain data of medical reports, no need to report all requested information. Report whatever you have tested for.


FAQ on Using Forum Features

Please refer the following Forum for help on different features of the forum:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

LCHF : Where & How To Begin With LCHF

You will need to understand what is LCHF before you start "Self Managing" diabetes. Please check on posts available at following link:

Self Management

Over the years, we have been told that FAT is bad. However, there have been lot of studies to prove that it is not. Lot of these are posted in the following section of this board on FAT and that it is not bad for health, as long as you restrict CARBS. Majority of the posts are in the following forum of this board, and this includes resources to get you started with LCHF diet.

LCHF, Nutrition And Other Resources

Since lot of information gets posted you can also use the search feature (both usual and advanced search) to get to relevant content. For example, following links will show posts containing the search word(s).


Search word is case insensitive. You can even search in a given forum only through advanced search.

Diabetes News & Research

All latest news and research is posted in the following forum and this also has research on LCHF - Low Carb High Fat - Diet for managing diabetes. This may also have content which may not be related directly to diabetes:

Diabetes News & Research

Meals As Posted by Users

Many diabetics on LCHF keep posting their meals, many a times with PPBS values, from time to time. This should also help you to pick up any, modify to suit your style of cooking and taste, test readings and then adjust the portion size. You can also post your LCHF meals, so that others can benefit too. The LCHF Meals section is organized into four forums:

Breakfast :: Lunch : : Dinner :: Snacks

Keep Coming Back

This is a peer to peer support community. As you change to LCHF lifestyle and benefit from it, please do keep coming back to participate with you experience and also help others here. You can also interact with other users on any post that is of interest to you or you may have a query on. You can also post a new discussion thread in any forum.

For Everything Else

For everything else, we have a separate forum

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