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Anup Singh's Blood Sugar Readings

Discussion in 'Today's Blood Sugar Readings' started by Anup Singh, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. elle jay

    elle jay Well-Known Member

    My logic may/may not be flawed, but this is how i choose to look at it :

    If I were my paleolithic ancestor out on a leisurely stroll and found a fruit/ fruit tree I wouldn't be thinking OMG! Is that fruit going to * kick me out of ketosis* . I would yell "yabba dabba doo " to all my roomies ( cave/tribe mates) and we would all feast on what we found .

    Granted, fruit those days was not he same fruit we eat today and it was never available the year round. However, I think by now we all kinda sorta know what fruit does and can use common sense in deciding portion size and/or frequency . And tropical fruits are not as exotic to us as it would be for westerners - our RNA is certainly different from that of the Inuits.

    I'd say, go for the mango, sir, while it is in season . The more we fight cravings, the more strongly they return to taunt us . After all we're in this for the long haul .

    I tend to agree fully with @Anup Singh sir's mantra on this. Stick to 100gm carbs, nothing off limits, stay hypocaloric when you overdo the carbs, and walk x kilometres for every y gram of carbs over 100gms ( I always forget the exact numbers .. and then scramble ard like crazy , hoping to find which thread i read that info on :D)
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  2. Hariharan

    Hariharan It's the carbs, stupid!

    Diabetic Since (dd-mm-yyyy):
    Diabetes Type:
    Type 2
    Thanks boss @Vinay Raj
    I know that funda about the big 3, which is why I sneak in the bench press.
    I have put the other 2 on hold because of physical reasons.
    But your confirmation gives me further motivation to resume deadlifts & squats again.
    Thanks boss @Anup Singh
    I generally do singlehand shoulderpress and bicep curls so that I can alternate hands and keep going.
    I also do doublehand tricep extensions to complete that series.
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